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Aphrodite 20X16 <or> 28X24F

Aphrodite 20X16 28X24F

Price: $3,545.00

Made to Order by Artist Made to Order by Artist

Chris De Rubeis: The Lahaina Benefit Series

In a heartfelt response to the devastating fires in Lahaina, renowned artist Chris De Rubeis unveils his latest series of hand-ground mixed media paintings. This collection is not only an ode to the resilient spirit of the Lahaina community but also a tangible effort to aid in its rebuilding and relocation efforts.

De Rubeis, best known for his abstract metal paintings, has incorporated a new dimension into this series. No two paintings are alike, echoing the individual stories and struggles of every Lahaina resident affected by the fires. The artist's signature style, which employs a combination of grinding, sanding, and other intricate techniques on metal surfaces, captures the raw emotion and turbulence of the moment.

But beyond the chaos, there is hope. A significant portion of the proceeds from this collection will directly benefit the Lahaina relocation efforts, offering displaced individuals a beacon of hope and a promise of new beginnings.

Perhaps the most unique aspect of this series is the customizable element. Buyers can choose to have a constellation representing their zodiac symbol embedded into the artwork. The night sky, often a symbol of constancy and unchanging beauty amidst turmoil, seems an apt canvas to juxtapose against the fiery background, allowing individuals a personal touch in a collective narrative.

De Rubeis's Lahaina Benefit Series is more than just art; it's a mission. It underscores the transformative power of art – to heal, to unite, and to rebuild.